Learning to swim as an adult is hard.

Feeling competent as an open water swimmer is actually harder.

Until now.

Now there is a book to walk you through it all.

Mark Fromberg has coached and supported hundreds of newbie swimmers over the last decade in their quest to complete Canada’s largest and longest running open water swim, the annual Across The Lake Swim (ATLS) in Kelowna, BC.  Now, for the first time, all of the pre-event swim coaching principles and practice exercises demonstrated by coaches to prepare for the ATLS are sequentially assembled in one easy-to-read book, to ease your way into the open water environment.

Just published in 2018!

Every year, thousands of swimmers add an open water swim to their bucket list... and succeed.
You can too.

This was my 1st time in the Across The Lake Swim and I had a truly wonderful experience! I wanted to thank all the volunteers’ and especially the crew that help out at the swim clinics as that in fact made the actual swim possible for myself. Well Done!

Shane H.

The swim clinics were invaluable with awesome coaches, lots of positive energy & feedback, oodles of needed information that always left you with the feeling that you could accomplish the swim! Great people to talk to and ask questions of.

Melody G.

I appreciated being able to participate in the pre-race swim clinics to ease my apprehension about swimming in open water (this was my first open water swim event!).

Victoria S.

Some early reviews...

That is a great book, very thorough. Also, being a retired technology/project management kind of guy I very much appreciated the structured approach you took.

I was surprised to see your suggestion on a “humming exhale”. I thought I invented that! I find it key to relaxing my breathing and getting rhythm.

Gerry M.


Great stories and info! Nicely done!

Brent S.



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